Asset Management Firm Profile

PVG Asset Management was founded in 1987 and is employee owned.

PVG began managing Loss Averse Investment Strategies during 2001. Our management group believes successful investment management today requires ascribing to several basic philosophical views.
Macro-economic, market, industry, corporate research is more important than ever.
Investment in growing economic sectors and companies is required.
A technical overview of markets and security prices is essential.
Both security and systemic or market risk must be managed.
An absolute return investment target, or the achievement of positive returns through market cycles rather than relative performance is the key to wealth building under current market conditions.
Our portfolio management is found attractive by investors who understand that market and diversified portfolios do not always rise, they can fall and fluctuate for long periods of time. We take advantage of profitable investment opportunities in changing markets and are often hedged against falling markets or the risk of falling markets.

Our clients include institutions, tax exempt funds, and individuals seeking investment growth and asset protection. Clients can invest directly with PVG, but most often through financial advisors and consultants. All client assets are held in third party custodian accounts.

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