The PVG Focus 10 strategies are separately managed accounts containing approximately 10 stocks in any particular strategy. Only our very best ideas will go into each of these strategies. PVG follows a large number of securities, and a typical portfolio may contain 40 or 50 stocks, but in our Focus 10 strategies, we will only own the stocks we believe are the best of the best. As PVG is an industry leader in “Loss Averse Investing”, when the market begins to experience negative volatility, we may protect the portfolio from dropping significantly. The benefits of these strategies are the potential for significant performance not typical of a mutual fund or other account managed by a broker or financial advisor. Individuals that attempt to do it themselves may get the joy of dabbling in stocks but likely will be very hard-pressed to perform as well as these PVG strategies. PVG encourages investors to have a long-term time horizon and to expect at times some stocks may not perform as expected.

PVG Emerging Healthcare Focus 10

This strategy invests in our 10 most promising emerging healthcare stocks. These are highly speculative healthcare companies that are generally developing drugs or devices. These types of stocks have very large upside potential if successful.

PVG Growth Focus 10

The strategy invests in companies expected to have significant growth potential. PVG weighs the upside with the potential risk and selects our 10 best ideas. The stocks tend to be large or mid-cap companies that are in growth industries and have a unique or dominant position in their market to grow more than the industry. These companies may be volatile if the growth expectations do not occur or if another company has a better product or service.

PVG Blue Chip Focus 10

In this strategy, we own great companies with sound balance sheets. These companies tend to be mature companies that are growing and that dominate their industry. PVG follows a couple of hundred high large companies that fit our quality demands and PVG focuses on only the most timely and attractive 10 stocks.

PVG High Income Focus

This strategy is another very unique portfolio that focuses on attractively valued higher dividend-paying stocks. The goal of the strategy is to produce a very attractive yield. Quality is always an issue when investing in higher dividend stocks. PVG focuses only on the best value and quality stocks. PVG focuses on operating companies in many different industries, including Blue Chip companies, REITs, Business Development Companies, telecommunications, and natural resources.

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