Investment Approach

PVG’s Asset Management principles of Protection, Value & Growth are embedded in the Tactical Growth Strategy. The strategy is highly flexible and will position to quickly take advantage of changing market conditions. In negative markets the strategy will Protect Value by decreasing the Core position, selling any satellite positions and it may add hedges to mitigate risk. We at PVG have coined the phrase, “Loss Averse Investing” to best describe the approach of Protecting Value during negative markets. Our belief is that by minimizing the least amount of downside helps apply an investment strategy that operates with far less overall risk. As markets turn positive the strategy will sell hedges, increase the core position and add satellite positions with the goal of obtaining outsized Growth during positive market. The strategy increases risk during market rebounds thereby adding additional Value and Growth opportunities.

Investment Objective

The TGS offers the ability to diversify away from traditional asset allocations models and obtain an actively managed strategy designed for volatile markets. The TGS is an aggressive yet extremely flexible strategy and can react quickly to market movements by maintaining a defensive or offensive Core position, initiating Satellite trades as well as Hedging. Our goal is to achieve positive annual returns and mitigate risk thereby adding Protection, Value and Growth for our clients.

Risk Management

The firm utilizes technical analysis to identify short, medium, and long term trends in the global market. Based on the analysis, core positions are established and can be reduced or increased. Depending on market sentiment in the short term, satellite positions may be added to complete a long, short, or neutral strategy.

PVG is not a market timer.

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